I’m Brent,

UX Design Leader

in the PNW.

Hailing from Spokane, WA, with over 25 years of design experience. Currently a Senior UX designer at Coforma, creating user-centered quality healthcare for people.

With a focus on inclusive design, I champion accessible and equitable experiences. Guiding teams with empathy, we design solutions that are thoughtful, considerate and work for everyone in mind.
Design Leadership
Brent Schneider
I acknowledge the traditional homelands of the four bands of the Spokane Tribe of Indians: Sntútʔulixʷi, Snxʷmeneʔi, Sc̓qesciłni, and Sčewíleʔ, the traditional ancestors of the land and waterways where I live.

I would like to pay my respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

My design ethos

Selected works

User-centered Design Systems
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Design System
UX Design lead on the CMS Design System team designing an open-source Design System optimized for B2C products, focusing on delivering accessible, responsive digital experiences.

Each month, millions of people visited the HealthCare & Medicare digital services, benefiting from the enhancements and optimizations I implemented. White House fact sheet.
The CMS Design System homepage
Developer Experience (DX)
Developer service platform: 0 to 1 MVP
Strategically designed and branded Backstage, an open-source framework that organizes microservices and infrastructure, enabling teams to quickly deliver high-quality code, setting the stage for continued Digital Transformation at VA
Developer Experience (DX)
The Developer Experience is part of VA's Digital Modernization strategy.
Over two years, I matured the UX Product Design from an introductory beta service through iteration to a fully developed 2.0 complex government API ecosystem.

The VA Lighthouse Developer Experience program champions operational excellence as VA continues to modernize its technology and systems to enhance users’ experience with digital tools in the most secure way possible. ~ VA’s Office of Information & Technology
The VA Developer platform homepage
Enterprise Design System
2nd Watch Design System
2nd Watch: Now, Ollion brings a cloud-native approach to enterprise digital transformation.

I designed a UI kit defining distance, shape, interactions, and patterns to establish an enterprise design system supporting 2nd Watches' second-generation product line.
User-centered design
Eastern Washington University redesign
Driven by the needs of students, employees, and the entire EWU community, I integrated user-centered design principles to inform the ewu.edu redesign.

Read about the University website redesign on Medium
User-centered branding
Futureada.org: A non-profit startup I co-founded, utilizing UX principles to craft a brand centered on empowering women and non-binary entities.

Read crafting user-centered branding for the non-profit FutureAda.org.


Eternal curiosity, endless learning.
Dec 2023 – Present
Dec 2023 – Present
Senior UX Designer
Coforma, LLC
June 2020 – Dec. 2023
June 2020 – Dec. 2023
Senior UX Designer II
Ad Hoc, LLC
Dec 2008 – June 2020
Dec 2008 – June 2020
UX Developer
Eastern Washington University
June 2004 - Dec 2008
June 2004 - Dec 2008
Front End Web Designer
Spokane Teachers Credit Union
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I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
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